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    City: Jaipur

    Manufacturer: Adani, Vikram, Renewsys, PV Power, Solarmaxx, TATA, Luminous

    Manufacturing Year:2020

    Solar Roof Top Power Plant 98.8kw
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    City: Coimbatore

    Manufacturer: MAS Solar Systems P Ltd

    Manufacturing Year:2020

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    Solar Energy Systems
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    City: Jaipur


    Manufacturing Year:2015

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    Solar Rooftop & Ground Mounted Systems
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    City: Satara

    Manufacturer: Top Brands, Tier 1

    Manufacturing Year:2020

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    Rooftop Solar

    1. 1. What is Rooftop Solar?
      Rooftop solar is a system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a building or structure. This installation generates electricity through the panels and an inverter.

    2. 2. Who can opt for the Rooftop Solar?
      Any organization (Proprietor/Partnership/Pvt Ltd/Ltd) looking for a low cost andlow maintenance energy saving set up at their industrial and commercial structure for their own captive usage. This can be used by individuals also for their residential purposes.

    3. 3. Why should you install Rooftop Solar?
      This is an option to be self-sufficient for your own energy usage; get free from your monthly electricity bills thus adding to your profits. Also depreciation benefits can be availed to reduce your taxes.

    4. 4. What are the requirements for availing Rooftop Solar installation?
      The self-owned site needs to have sufficient rooftop space for installation (1 kW needs approx 100 sq ft area), own property and shadow free roof.

    5. 5. How much installation is possible at your own premises?
      The installation at any premises is determined as the minimum of the 3 factors – Rooftop Area available, Electricity Board sanction load and average monthly usage.

    6. 6. What is the approximate estimated installation cost and maintenance involved?
      The rooftop solar installation would cost approximately 40,000/- per kW. Once set it only needs water sprinkling for panel cleaning on a monthly basis hardly costing much.

    7. 7. Are there financing options available for Rooftop Solar and from where?
      Yes, it is available. EFL which is the only NBFC with the Rooftop Solar Financing Product offers doorstep services with the capability of quick decision and flexible loan tenure of upto 5 years.

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