Case Making

Manufacturer: Vallava Graphics Machinery

Manufacturing Year: 2020

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Vallava – hard case maker machine model-premier plus. hard case maker machine technical specification. economic high quality multi-use hard case binding machine: experienced engineers, dedicated team, innovative design and heavy duty construction makes sure of consistent high quality multi product hard case binding machine at economic costs. this premier plus model is designed for doubling the production capacity compared to our premier model. premier plus retains all the beneficial features of premier model. this semi-automatic machine is made using rust resistance stainless steel glue rollers & working table for smooth & neat working. flexible conversion for high productivity: easy and fast hard case binding (up to 400 cases/ hour) paper bottom gluing machine * variable speed gluing system *adjustable glue thickness system *adjustable gauge unit & paper table *adjustable double pneumatic turning unit (programmable 1-10 second for variety paper and board material) *heavy duty silicon rollers with conveyor installed for pressing / calendaring for dust free & air bubble free finishing, all four operator can comfortably sit & work, because, there is no pedal operating system. valuable options for variety of operations demands: main on /off red light indicator *glue heating cut-off indicator *water heating degree tuner *variable speed glue rollers speed tuner *emergency off bush buttons to both glue and calendaring units *inching & reverse forwarding facility for both gluing unit and calendaring rollers with conveyor *programmable pneumatic turning-in system by variable timing mode is there to bind maximum thickness of papers & boards. reliable and proven gluing system: 40 inch long stainless steel glue rollers are used for proper constant bottom glue application. the machine has high speed paper feeding system & two operator gluing units. operator shall operate the machine without touching the glue and this shall protect the case from dust

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