Machine Verification Service

When looking to buy used machinery, it is important for buyers to be able to ascertain the authenticity of the listing, and condition of the machinery for sale to ensure the price is right. In some cases however, it is not always possible for a buyer to inspect the machine before purchase and delivery, and this may lead to disputes.

So how does a buyer ensure the used machinery they are looking to buy is priced right and is in proper condition? Conversely, how does the seller confirm he is demanding the right price for his second hand machines?

Enter EFL Verify, a new service offered by EFL Connections. EFL Verify provides used machinery verification and certification for sellers looking to list their used machinery on the EFL connections platform.

What is machine verification and certification?

Machine verification and certification is a process in which the condition and status of used machinery, that is listed for sale, is examined and checked by a trained professional. A report is given to the seller which can be presented to potential buyers to increase the chance of the machinery being sold.

Types of verification

EFL Verify offers 2 types of verification- Online Verification and Physical Verification. The online verification is free and done through a series of questions that the seller needs to answer. The physical verification is a paid service, and involves a machine inspection. A detailed technical, physical and electrical health report is provided for the listed machine.

The difference between online and physical verification is below:

Online Verification


Physical Verification




Basic as-is-where-is report of the machine, confirming the manufacturing year, tax invoice and expected price

Detailed report on current condition of the machine, electrical components status, and any accessories. Expected price

EFL Verify badge displayed on listing

EFL Verify badge as well as full report available on listing

No certified valuators certificate

Certified valuators certificate includes machine pictures and video


What's the Benefit of Availing Verified EFL Connections Verify?

The EFL Verify badge gets added to your used machinery listing and gives potential buyers increased reassurance, increasing the chances of your machinery being sold. The verification of machinery is done by unbiased engineers who do a thorough check of the machinery.

The valuation of the secondhand machinery is done by certified valuators and ensures the seller gets a fair price for their machinery. The validity for the EFL Verify certificate is 10 days.

So if you’re looking to sell used machinery, sign up on EFL Connections now and apply for EFL Verify to get your second machinery verified and sold at the best price.

If you’re a buyer on EFL Connections, look for the EFL Verify badge and have complete peace of mind with the machinery you’re buying.

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